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Registration Edexcel portal conver a general-purpose students registration activities that provides students with a speedy gateway to personal information and essential school services.
The portal is a secure Website, designed for use of enrolled students, returning students. You are expected to log in to the portal with your Registration Number (Fresh Students) or Matriculation Number (Returning)

  • And Registration of Courses.

    This website give you a previledge as student to register your course online with a few click on your profile page you will be able to register for courses you are offering in that particular semester with ease.

    You can get a scratch Card to register for your course at Edexcel 's Administrator Office
  • And also Checking of Result.

    On your profile page, you have been provided with a tools that will help you in monitoring your academic performaces

    You can Login to check your last semester scores

  • You can get a scratch Card to check your result at Edexcel 's Administrator Office

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  • If you have any problem during registration or registration of courses and checking of result , please feel free to contact us Immediately for instant rectification. mail us at help.1on1solutions@gmail.com or sent a text message to 08132311491